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Engine Oil

Steve Truesdell uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for Dodge 4X4

Dear Sir,

A friend of mine suggested your product to me, so I thought I would provide you with some feedback as to performance.

Vehicle #1 is a dodge 4X4 diesel with 225,000 miles. This engine has been excellent and has never needed any work. I started adding about 6oz of upper cylinder to the fuel each time I filled the tank. It’s hard to be exact but I am getting an increase of at least 1 mpg and I suspect 1.5 mpg, but with adding only 18-20 gallons at a time it’s hard to be exact. So, it is at least paying for the product. Also, the shift lever for the transfer case has always vibrated somewhat and can make a racket at certain power setting. I also notice that the noise has ceased so something isn’t vibrating as it has in the past. The overall sound of the engine seems to have quieted somewhat.

Vehicle #2 is an Audi with a V-8. This has proven to be an excellent vehicle but has always had a barley perceptible surge. The display that shows mpg has also rapidly flashed from 17-21-25 mpg. The machine has flushed the entire system with cleaners and that seems to help for a short while. I started putting about 6oz of upper cylinder lubricant in each thankful of gas and the surge has ceased. Also, the mpg display now shows a very steady reading. Your product either cleaned or lubricated something. I don’t know about any increased in mileage, as this is my wife’s car who knows.

All of this is somewhat anecdotal but your products appear to work as advertised.

Roseburg, OR

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