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We are so glad we tried your products.

Dear Lucas Oil Products.
When people read about the claims of products, they are skeptical.  We are so glad we tried your products.  
First- Your Fuel Injector Cleaner We Drive a 2000 Chevy Blazer.  When the motor starts surging at idle all my husband has to do is add the recommended amount and the problem is gone.  Plus we get better gas milage.  
Next- Your Engine Oil Stop Leak The hoses for the remote oil filter on the Blazer were leaking.  We debated whether we wanted to replace them.  My husband added a quart of the Stop Leak at an oil change and the leaking stopped.  Now he adds one at every oil change.
And Now- Your Transmission Fix We have a 1971 Corvette.  The trans was slipping.  Again, all we had to do was add some and the problem was gone. 
One Last Thing- Our nine year old granddaughter races a Jr. Champ Kart.  IF you ever came out with anything to increase horse power let us know.
All of your products are really really outstanding and we promote their use with the people we know.
We also talk to the guys at Napa, where we buy them, to pass on the great performance of your products.
Thanks so much,

Rich & Connie 

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