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Scott O drove his 91 4x4 Nissan with 150K Miles back home 1400 Miles to AZ from OR with no problems on Lucas Oil Stabilzer

Christmas of last year (2011), was a rough time for me. I had just gotten back on my feet, moved from Arizona to Oregon, bought a cheap work truck, and started working. By the time Christmas came around, plane tickets home to see family were outrageously expensive. I had no choice but to drive.

All I had was my 91 Nissan Hardbody 4x4, which had developed a pretty heavy rod knock at 150k miles. It was too late to do the repair, since work took up most of my time. I decided to put my trust in Lucas. Two bottles of stabilizer and some 50 weight oil and I was off.

Needless to say it made the 1400 mile drive from Oregon to Arizona without a single problem. I was home for the holidays, thanks to your product and a pocket full of good luck. My family and friends thank you as well.

Your dedication to quality, reliable, down home honest products changed the ending to my year entirely. I cannot express my gratitude to everyone behind these awesome products

I will continue to use Lucas products for life. Tried, true, tough stuff

Scott Ohanian

Tundra Property Services
Cave Junction, Oregon

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