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Aaron Gustin uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 1995 Ford Thunderbird

My name is Aaron Gustin, nephew to Super Chevy Show President, and Jet Car Hall of Famer, Roger Gustin. I am the son of Bill Gustin, who is vp of SCS, and have been fortunate to grow up around drag racing. My father, refusing to allow me to do anything without a college education, has encouraged the furthering of my education. Seeing that touring the country would interupt a normal college schedule, I began work at the local Autozone in our hometown. With oval race tracks only miles apart, and a southern style dragstrip just a short drive away, we see many customers looking for performance in every vehicle. I am proud to say that I have probably sold more Lucas Oil products than any other salesman on the east coast. Although I have used only one of your products, I have found customer reaction to your products have been unsurpassed by any other product we offer. As a undergrad. in applied science, with an emphasis on chemical processing, I am amazed by the standard your company has set. To accomplish your level of success against the industrial giants in your market is a true story of survival of the willing. Although I may never meet any of the Lucas Oil Co. members, I just want to let you know I have done and will continue working to ensure your success in our region. If you ever need a good chemical processer, I would be honored. Good luck and God Bless

Aaron Gustin

Franklin Furnace, Ohio

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