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Engine Builder Lubricants

The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy.

Lucas High Performance Assembly Lube is designed for mechanics and technicians to pre lube bearings, cams, lifters and valve train.

Jake Bartow uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in 89 jeep chrokee

lucas oil products are excellent i have used the oil stabilizer in it since i got it. it now has over 250,000 miles. when the power steering started acting up (leaking fluid, hard spots, squalling) I topped off the fluid with the power steering stop leak it took two bottles but all of the problems went away. when my sisters car got a plugged injector she tried almost everything she came back from collage and called her mechanic (me) I told her to try the fuel system cleaner before changing injectors. one little bottle in her tank and the knock was gone by the time we pulled out of the paking lot. I will continue to use any product you make that i have a use for

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