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Distinction for Oils at Automechanika (UK)

Ayumu Iwasa Sprint Race victory

(23rd March, 2023) – 

At Birmingham’s Automechanika exhibition, Lucas Oil took the opportunity (Hall 20, NEC Birminham) to ensure that garage mechanics understood the most appropriate applications for each of its three Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer products.

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Stabilizer

“We appreciate that while garages are generally aware about the availability of the range, there may be some uncertainty about their use with particular models,” said Dan Morgan, director of sales and operations for Lucas Oil.

The three options are:

  • Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 
  • Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer 
  • Low Viscosity Stabilizer

The first option is designed for older, high milage or worn engines and is Ideal for use with synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils. It is better suited to 10w-40 and 20w-50 oil specifications.

The second option was developed for more recent vehicles as a preventative maintenance product. It is better suited for synthetic oil specifications (5w-30 and 5w-40).

The third option is ideally suited to 0w oils (0w-15, 0w-20, 0w-30, 0w-40). It is Hybrid safe, Variable Valve Timing Solenoid safe and Cylinder Deactivation safe.