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Additive Values at the Garage Reception Desk

fuel treatment display

(27th May, 2020) – 

Garages and mechanics are anticipating a return to service, repair and MOT preparation scheduling as lockdown restrictions across the UK begin to ease. Controlling emissions, restoring lost engine power and general engine lubrication tasks will be high on the list of maintenance issues to be addressed, according to Lucas Oil.

“Additive technology will be a first call for solutions by many mechanics,” says Dan Morgan, Sales and Operations Director at Lucas Oil Products. “Additives have proven track records when it comes to low cost maintenance regimes but the profit margins to be earned from sales of additives that can extend oil lifetimes, improve MPG and reduce emissions are truly worth exploiting in a time of economic crisis,” he adds.

When it comes to diesel engines, NOX emissions, a decline in fuel efficiency levels and the treatment of Diesel Particulate Filters can all be treated with the help of a single specialist product like Diesel Deep Clean, from Lucas Oil.

Petrol-driven vehicles of any age can get low cost protection from the inside with the help of additives such as Upper Cylinder Lubricant, which can remove tar and other deposits from injectors while improving fuel efficiency and restoring power.

Lucas Oil says there is money to be made and customer satisfaction levels to be raised by selling problem solving additives that address smoking engine problems or treat hard spots in steering columns. Fully synthetic motor oils with integrated additive packages that are successful in reducing the running temperatures of cooling systems are also key product ranges under the Lucas Oil brand.

“Menu service pricing is likely to become a very competitive area over the coming months. This is where additives score highly thanks to results that are often immediate with long term benefits for the motorist,” adds Dan Morgan.