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Technical Help Line Q&A - Fuel System Cleaners

(16th April, 2020) – 

Calls to the technical hotline continue to come in, but in case you’re having problems getting through, we’ll be including some of the most FAQs here, to help keep things moving. This week’s top enquiries relate to fuel additives:

10669 DeepClean 5oz

Q.What’s an effective workshop regime for the Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner product?

In the workshop, this product is recommended as a pre-MOT preparation accessory for petrol-engined cars, or as a solution for borderline MOT failures. Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner is a treatment that’s priced to fit comfortably with most service menus.It should be used every 3-4,000 miles to maintain the performance benefits. Subsequent treatment with Upper Cylinder Lubricant is recommended for ongoing preventative maintenance and consistent fuel efficiency.

Diesel Deep Clean small

Q. Can Diesel Deep Clean resolve PDF issues?

Diesel Deep Clean offers all the same performance advantages of the petrol product, with the added benefit of Cetane enhancing additives. These can help to reduce particulate matter by more than 32%. Using this product regularly will greatly reduce the need for other more expensive DPF maintenance regimes and will help to increase regeneration intervals. Diesel Deep Clean is also used as an effective way to restore lost power by removing the carbon deposits that build up on injectors.