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Testimonials for Fuel Treatment

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Karl Thomas uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for 1999 Chevrolet, Astro Van

I have seen your product around for sometime but figured it was nothing more than the stuff you see on T.V., which I have wasted many dollars on. I’ve tried them ALL.

I have a 1999 Chevrolet, Astro Van with 60,000 miles on it and have gotten, almost every time, 16.7 mpg from the get-go. On my last oil change I thought, what the heck, I'll spend the extra $6.95 and see what happens. Well, having 2 cars, I thought I'd just use a half-quart in the Van and wait 1 tank before adding it to the car. Three tanks later on the van I have gotten 19.2 mpg on the highway and 18.8 mpg in the city (lots of stop lights, and 19.2). WOW, a product that does what it says. So it has paid for itself 177 times over? Can that be right? Let's see, 19.06 - 16.7 = 2.5 times 25gal times 3 tanks = 177. Well you get the idea.

Foot Note: The first time I started the van up, the motor sounded healthier. I knew right there I was on to something. It felt like I had invented the wheel. And to think I waited all that time to try LUCAS OIL. I hate to do the math on what I have lost not trying it earlier.


SFC Karl H. ThomasBastrop, TexasBastrop, Texas

Bruce Tetford uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for Mazda 626

Dear Don,

I am writing this letter to inform you of the great results I received from my first use of your products. I was in the past skeptical about additive products but have changed my mind since using LUCAS Oil Products.

The LUCAS Upper Engine Treatment & Fuel Injector had fabulous results my first use. I drive a Mazda 626 and was averaging around 420 to 440 Kilometers per tank of gas. The first time using the above-mentioned products I attained 478 Kilometers on a tank of gas ...

I was extremely happy with the results and have since added the engine treatment and transmission treatment to my car and will continue to use the upper engine treatment also. I will be adding all 3 products to my wife's Ford Explorer and will keep you updated as to the results in both vehicles.

Yours truly,

Bruce TetfordJohn L. Robertson Company Ltd.

Kevin Price uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for 1997 Ford F250 power stroke diesel

Hey Lucas Oil,

I just wanted to say thank you. Ya'll have the BEST product on the market. I will use no other diesel fuel supplement for my 1997 Ford F250 power stroke diesel!!! I have used it several times in my truck (once every few thousand mile) and it consistently boosts my fuel economy. Last week I used it and it improved my mileage from 14.4 mpg to 17.7 mpg. After punching the numbers I found that it really did more than pay for itself!!!

Thanks again,

Kevin B. Price

William Kimmet uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 2002 BMW M3

I am a pilot in the United States Air Force and I fly the F-117 Nighthawk. I was very skeptical about Lucas until I a fellow pilot in my squadron recommended Lucas UCL injector cleaner. I noticed a 2 Mile Per Gallon increase in economy and a smoother running BMW. I will stop using 'other' fuel injector cleaners that are all HYPE and stick with Lucas. Thanks for a great product.

Maj Kimmit (USAF)

J.D uses Fuel Treatment

My 2001 Jeep Grd Cherokee has been getting poor milage over the last 6-8 months... Put bottle of the "Tune up in a Bottle" Injector cleaner and the next trip my mpg went from 16 to 20 Amazing!! Great product, couldn't believe it, but it's TRUE..

Scott Blalock uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in his 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL7

I was first introduced to the Lucas products by your shows on Television and the display of the gears at the auto stores. I also noticed a coworker was using the oil stabilizer in the company truck, which reduced operating temperature and more power.

I was having a hard time with hesitation and rough starting, so I tried the Lucas fuel treatment to clean out the fuel injectors. The results were a smoother running engine, better gas mileage, no hesitations, and added power to move uphill. I have been impressed with your product.

I have added the Lucas differential oil and stabilizer to the differential, the oil stabilizer to the engine, and now the transmission fix to the automatic transmission. I'm sold on your products and continue to use them to increase the life of the drivetrain, engine and tranny.

Mike Halley uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in his 1992 Beaver motor home, Diesel pusher

After returning to Florida from California we parked for a month on the gulf coast, when we went to leave our coach had a real hard time getting past 2000 RPM and would not shift into the last gears for the longest time, we were stuck at 61 MPH. I changed fuel filters with no luck, remembering my trucking days, I stopped in a truck stop and looked for some "algie killer" treatment, and found Lucas fuel treatment. I purchased a gallon and pored a quart into out 90 gallon tank which was full. After about 30 or so milesat 60 MPH I saw the RPM slowly start to rise, 2100, then 22, 2250, 2300, 24, 2450 and just as 2500 and red line was getting close and the MPH was close to 80 MPH !!! I let off the throttle, now for the next 3 fill ups and putting a quart in every time, this 1992 3116 CAT again runs like new, for a 250 HP turbo, I can run down the road with the "big boys" again!! Thanks Lucas for a great problem. BTW, I stopped in at a BIG truck dealer and they had no clue what was wrong, they changed the fuel filters!!

Mike Halley

A 100% disabled USMC veteran living my dream to see the USA.

Tom Kutta uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in his '97 Buick Century

I recently purchased a small bottle of Lucas Fuel Treatment for my nine year old Buick (86,000 miles). At first I didn't notice any difference, but after about 40 miles of driving the car has more pick up and go than since I bought it. I haven't checked mileage increase, but the better performance is well worth the product alone. Thank you Lucas Oil.

RJ uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in his 94 Toyota Ex Cab 4X4

I have a 94 Toyota that I bought about 3 years ago and

it has always had a rough idle and pinging in high gear even after replacing plugs, wires, cap, rotor button, etc.. and I have tried just about every "fuel injector cleaner" on the market

and I had just came to the conclusion that I would just have to live with it. Yesterday I went to the new Napa store in town and I saw your fuel treatment and I decided I would try it, and before I got home (less that 20 miles) I could tell a big difference in power. When I got home I left the truck running, popped the hood and I could not believe my ears!!! It wasn't skipping and it was quiet!! GREAT Product !!!!


I have 276K miles on my '94 Chevy Corsica and your fuel treament product has increased my average mpg from 30 to 32 and the notoriously loud lifters are FINALLY quiet. Great product!!!

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