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Testimonials for 20W-50 Plus High Performance Oil

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Racer Alvin Ashe uses Lucas Oil Synthetic 20/50

I went eighteen straight rounds, double drivin the same car which you can do at some big bracket races, in 95 degree weather with less than ten minutes in between the later rounds to run myself in the final. The oil pressure never dropped below 60 pounds, which to me is amazing considering it had 65 poundswhen i crank the motor cold to warm it up. This is also some of the slickest stuff I have ever seen. It also has actually helped make my car more consistent. Since switching to the Lucas Oil Synthetic 20-50 two weeks ago, I have been in four finals and have won a total of 13,000 dollars. Wheter your competing in one of the many sportsman categories or your brutalizing your engine lap after lap like I do at the big dollar bracket races, If you want peace of mind about the life of your engine and the confidence to crank your car and win the next round i highly recommend this oil.

Steve Glenn uses Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil for Dragster

Hi, I just wanted to say

First I met Mr. Lucas at the Topeka Nationals this year and bought a case of the 20w50 high performace oil. After finally running out of my old oil, it was time to try your oil.

Well, as stragne as things happened. I WON my first win ever! It was a Summitt super series points race in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Also, the car picked up from running 8.19's to now running 8.13's and maybe a little quicker. The final round I ran an 8.14 (killing 6 mph), and won by .0035 sec. to an outstanding racer and good friend. I'm sure my car would have run an 8.11 or so. The oil really is something. I didn't make any other changes to the fuel system or tire pressure. NONE! I just changed my oil!

Thanks foe a great produc

Steve GlennTexas

Nelson Racing Engines found Lucas 20W-50 High Zinc Racing Oil was the only oil to maintain 70psi for 8 dyno runs producing 1500hp

KT Enterprises has been servicing Generators in Southern California for many years now.  Our services consist of servicing onsite standby emergency generators, mobile generators as well as troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining generators on a routine basis.  We have collaborated with NRE (Nelson Racing Engines) in works to manufacture high horsepower engines and top notch one off muscle cars also known as NRSC (Nelson Racing Super Cars).  The F-bomb (1973 camaro) w/1540hp twin turbo 406 small block chevrolet, and the 1850hp mosler 9000 MT super car that was unveiled at the 2008 SEMA Show are a few of the motors that NRE has produced.  Our twin turbo engines produce high oil temperatures which breaks down oil within minutes,  A dyno test was ran at NRE last week using the new lucas oil 20w-50w high zinc and it was the first oil that maintained 70psi for 8 dyno runs which produced 1500hp and 1470ft lbs of torque.   As you know KT Enterprises also works in conjunction with Cory Kruseman's driving school as a crew chief and for the past few years we've used just about all of the lucas oil products that is out there from the racing oil that is used for performance to the slick mist used for presentation, and have been pleased till this day.    We would like to use an oil that would be reliable and trustworthy to build and service our engines.  Here at KT Enterprises and NRE we would like to provide our customers with a product we can stand behind.  For more information you can go to www.nelsonracingengines.comThank you for your time!Keoni TexeiraOwner of KT Enterprises9330 Oso ave ste FChatsworth Ca 91311

Jay McCoy Team 567 uses Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil in Class 5/1600 Baja Bug

We race a class 5/1600 race car. We us the 25/50 racing oil supplied thru Greg Crew, Crew Racing. We ran our engine a unbeliveable 9 races with no teardown. Our engine builder Lee Leighton who has 35 years in the business could not belive that the bearings were not hammered. He said it must be Lucas. FYI, this is a 36 horse engine pumping out 80 horse at 12.5 to 1 compression. Also I sell your products thru Greg Crew, We restore automobiles and Lucas products are only liquids that go in our personal, race and customer cars. Thanks Lucas

Michael Nicola uses Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil for 2000 Pontiac

To Lucas Oil Products Aus

The Lucas oils Pontiac has now been using Lucas Oil Products for 2 years. The 2000 Pontiac is one of the highest horse powered vehicles in its class in Australia boasting an impressive 723hp.

In this time, we have not had one lubricating related problem with the vehicle, including engine, transmission, differential, steering and suspension. We believe the Lucas Oil Products out performed any other lubricants we have used, increasing engine horsepower and providing excellent protection with less friction on driveline components.

The Lucas Oil Pontiac has had an excellent 1999/2000 season finishing on the podium in every event completed, largely due to the support of Lucas Oil Products Australia.

In appreciation,

Michael NicolaOwner/DriverThe Lucas Oil Race TeamAustralia

Dave Wilson uses Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil for Top Alcohol Dragster

Dear Sir,

As a racer who has been running Top Alcohol cars for 20+ years, you can imagine that I have in my time tried a number of different oils, none of which has been used without the previous recommendation of other users. When I started to use Lucas Oil Products three years ago, it was an unknown product in Europe, but came highly recommended by the US racers who were using it. Since changing to Lucas Oil Products, I have been enormously impressed by its performance in our race car. Supercharged alcohol engines inherently suffer from oil dilution, by using Lucas Oil 20/50 Racing Oil with an added quantity of Lucas Stabilizer, not only does the oil visibly suffer less from fuel dilution but oil pressure hold up better during the run and on internal inspection all heavily stressed areas, i.e., bearings, crank journals and piston skirts display visibly less wear and stress (no black death) and also seem to retain a lubricity which was not present before.

By using Lucas Oil Products, our main bearing life has been extended indefinitely and rod bearing and piston life increased by 100%.

We have treated our transporter and motor home with Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner, etc. and seen an increase in mileage and more importantly, a decrease in emissions from both vehicles, even our family car has benefited by the addition of Lucas Oil Stabilizer and I would recommend these products as the most effective I have ever used in both my race car and other vehicles.


Dave WilsonNemesis Racing - Top Alcohol Dragster

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