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Lucas Oil’s 2021 London-Brighton Run

Annual London-Brighton veteran car run

(17th November, 2021) – 

On Sunday 7th November , The National Motor Museum took part in the Annual London-Brighton veteran car run.

The Museum’s 1903 Daimler (AA11) motor car travelled the 60 miles in good time, with the help of products from Lucas Oil.

This year’s event marked 125 Years since the running of the original “London-Brighton Emancipation Run”. It was organised to celebrate the lifting of the 4 mph speed limit, which required all motorists to be preceded by a man holding a red flag in order to warn people of the approach of a “horseless carriage”.

Chain Lube is used on the main drive chains and the timing chain, while the Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner in the fuel system protects against the negative consequences of Ethanol. 

The engine and the lubrication distribution system run on SAE 30 Plus Motor Oil.

The Daimler has now been returned to display within the Motor Museum and Lucas Fuel Stabilizer has been used to ensure no residual fuel is left untreated in the system to cause problems next year!