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Winter Lay-Ups: How to fight declining octane levels in fuel

Citroen Saxo in his Junior Saloon Car

(4th November, 2021) – 

Modern petrol fuels don’t retain their octane levels as well as earlier fuels. The latest E10 fuels are a further example. For motorists with a vintage or treasured vehicle that will soon be over-wintering in a garage, Lucas Oil has a solution.

Stabilizer is an additive that ensures the octane level is preserved.

“It means cars can be left for long periods without worrying if they will start-up again after the lay-up.” adds Dan Morgan.

Fuel Stabilizer prevents the fuel degradation during storage that causes gum and varnish deposits. It’s an additive that cleans, lubricates and maintains fuel pumps, carburettors, fuel injectors and compression rings.

It’s also safe to use in all grades of petrol and in all two and four cycle engines.