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National Motor Museum Avoids Lockdown Fuel Degradation Problems

National Motor Museum vintage classic

(November 19, 2020) – 

There will be few re-starting problems or unnecessary maintenance issues when the National Motor Museum re-opens its doors after the latest lockdown, thanks to support from one of its lubricant suppliers.

Additives donated from the Lucas Oil problem solving range help Beaulieu’s workshop deal with maintenance issues each year. Fuel degradation can be a major issue, especially when draining the fuel proves difficult in so many vintage classics.

Museum Manager and Chief Engineer Doug Hill says support from Lucas Oil meant that the workshop was well prepared for the latest lockdown:

“The quality of fuel in the tanks dips quite quickly. It’s often difficult to drain all of the fuel, especially in vehicles in the collection that were built after World War II. It’s standard procedure here, to use Lucas Oil’s Fuel Stabilizer in any car that’s likely to have fuel inside it for a month or more. We also use it in any vehicle where we think residual fuel is likely to remain.”

Dan Morgan, the Sales and Operations Director at Lucas Oil, says Fuel Stabilizer makes preserving the integrity of fuel in any tank an easy fix.

“It preserves the octane level, ensuring vehicles will re-start after a lockdown without problems. For long term lay-ups, such as over wintering, it’s so ideal and so much easier than draining the fuel.”