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Added Dry Start Protection During Lockdown

Lucas Oil Stabilizer

(11th May, 2020) – 

Workshop managers are being urged to consider using additive technology to protect vehicle fleets (cars, to trucks) from dry-starting problems during the enforced lockdown.

“Most engine damage is caused by dry-starting, the result of metal to metal contact after the drain down of engine oil into the sump. It occurs during the re-start after a period of inactivity but is preventable and it is an easy fix,” says Dan Morgan, Director of Sales and Operations at says Lucas Oil Products (UK).

A petroleum-based product called Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer has a proven track record for preventing dry starts. Already available and in use by a wide range of fleet operators around the UK, it introduces a higher degree of lubricity that helps to reduce oil consumption and operating temperatures. More importantly, it ensures a film of protective lubricant will remain in place on all of the moving parts inside the engine block long after the oil has drained down.

“As it is pure petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetics, ATF and mineral oil,” adds Dan Morgan. “Moreover, it’s not going to contravene any warranty issues.”

During lockdown, Lucas Oil continues to support suppliers to key vehicle fleets and is also ensuring stocks of lubricant are available to support suppliers who deliver to garages providing vehicle repair and maintenance services to key workers.