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Safeguard Fuel and Oil Systems During Lockdown

Lucas Fuel Stabilizer

(6th May, 2020) – 

Lucas Oil has issued a fuel and oil systems alert for garage customers that are having to lay-up vehicles during the lockdown. Ethanol, that’s routinely added to petrol, can destroy engine components such as seals and original rubber hoses that pre-exist in the fuel systems of older vehicles.

“Fuel octane levels decline quite quickly, so whether it’s a modern soft-top that’s being garaged up for winter, or the aging family runabout that’s now sitting on the drive, preserving the integrity of any fuel in the tank with the introduction of the right additive is an easy fix,” says Dan Morgan, Director of Sales and Operations at Lucas Oil products (UK).

Lucas Oil Fuel Stabilizer will preserve the octane level, ensure the fuel remains usable and that the vehicle will re-start after the lockdown without problems. For long term users, it also means there’s no longer any need to empty the fuel tank before a long winter lay-up.

Engines should also be protected during lockdown.

Most engine damage is the result of a dry start. That’s caused when oil drains down into the sump during lay-ups of any kind. Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is an oil additive that prevents engine damage through dry starts because it leaves a thin film of protection over every moving part long after the oil has drained away.

It’s a product that also reduces friction and operating temperatures at the same time. “This helps to increase the operational life of the engine oil and extends engine life at the same time,” says Lucas Oil.