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Lucas Oil stays solid with Cannon Motorsports for 2020

Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports Team

(11th February, 2020) – 

The Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports Team will continue on to a 10th consecutive year with the support of Lucas Oil.

Chris Hannam, manager of the Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports Team says Lucas Oil has supported the team through some very tough years of running a unique one-of-a-kind blown nitro top fuel super twin motorcycle:

“All the way to our first championship’”

2019 was the team's best season to date and the range of Lucas Oil’s lubricants and additives really came into their own:

"No internal mechanical engine damage is a testament to the high quality oils we use. For 2020, we are moving on with more upgrades to the drive belt side, to try and eliminate the belt breaking as we continue to run quicker and faster”, he added.

This year, the team will compete in the ACU/UK Top Fuel Bike Championship and the FIM European Super Twin Bike championship. Its first outing is the first round of the ACU Top Fuel Bike Championship at ''The Festival of Power’ over the Easter weekend (April 10 - 12) at Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton.