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Tom Harris Motorsport


Tom Harris

  • Age: 25
  • Team Name: Tom Harris Motorsport
  • Sponsors: Lucas Oil
  • Vehicle Specification: BriSCA F1 stock car
    • Chassis make: Tom Harris Motorsport
    • Chassis specification: Steel spaceframe
    • Chassis type & material: Steel spaceframe welded spaceframe
    • Bodywork material: Aluminium
    • Key chassis dimensions: (Wheel base, track etc) between 95 and 100inches for wheelbase, 65inches rear track
    • Roll cage materials and key tubing sizes: 1.5” nominal bore, 4.5mm wall steel
    • Engine type: Chevrolet V8 approx 800bhp for shale car
    • Engine location/orientation: Front Engine l Longitudinal
    • Block material: Iron
    • Induction: naturally aspirated
    • Injection/Fuel supply type: carb
    • Transmission type: Doug Nash type Gearbox No of speeds: 2 forward
    • Front/rear/4-w-d: RWD
    • Type of selection mechanism: normal synchro
    • Gearbox/differential location: centre, rear diff
    • Clutch type: Tilton
    • Clutch material: standard
    • Clutch diameter: 5.5”
    • No of clutch plates: 3
    • Actuation method: Pedal
    • Dampers, type, number of adjustments etc: ATR Dampertech, gas/oil twin tube 14 clicks Springs: 2.5” by 8”
    • Brakes: Calipers, number etc Transit cast steel - 4
    • Brake disc material &size: Steel 12”, 10” rear
    • Tyres: American Racer
    • Wheels: Type, size, material: steel,”, 14” wide on rear, 10” on front for tarmace, 8” inside for shale
    • Regulation weight: min 1350kg, max 1500kg
  • 2014 Racing Classification: BriSCA F1 UK stock car championship
  • 2014 Results of note:
    • Scottish Championship
    • Under 25 Champion
    • Bumper Trophy
    • Long Track
  • 2015 Racing Classification: BriSCA F1 UK stock car championship

Season opens: April 4th Coventry
Season ends: December 28th Belle Vue

Tom Harris Motorsport designs, builds and races stock cars for short circuit racing including BriSCA F1, V8 Hotstox and Ministox. The team includes 13 year old Catherine Harris, already at Star grade in the Ministox category and founder,2013 World Champion, Tom competing in BriSCA F1 category

Tom’s main aim is to return to the US and progress his experience in US short circuit racing. In the UK, Tim will aim to take back the World Championship he won in 2013.

Contact Tel: 07813 956664 (PR contact)


Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.