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Cannon Motorsports

 Cannon Motorsports
 Neil Midgley

Top Fuel Supertwin

2.0 litre, nitro supercharged DOHC, 45 DEG V Twin, engine manufcatured at Cannon Motorsports & produces 1000 HP , runs up to 90% nitromethane and 50 LBS of boost..

 ACU top fuel championship, FIM European Supertwin Championship, Stafford Classic Bike Show (Drag Demo)

Festival Of Power SantaPod Fri 14th–Sun 16th April

Stafford Drag Demo SAT 22nd –Sun 23rd

FIM Main Event SantaPod Fri May 26th–Mon May 29th

Summer Nationals Santapod Sat 24th June-Sun 25th June

FIM Euro Finals SantaPod Thursday 7th Sept –Sun 10th Sept

National Finals Sat 23rd Sept –Sun 24th Sept

Chris Hannam (Team Owner) Rode to 4th place in the FIM Topfuel Supertwin Championships, Chris has now retired to hand over the riding to ex 5 times UK Funnybike Championship rider Niel Midgley.

Cannon Motorsports was Formed in 2007 when team owner Chris Hannam purchased The Moth Balled Unique Supercharged V Twin. At The Time Chris Was not sure if he wanted to leave the inline 4 topfuel ranks in which he ran his 1st 6 second pass in gainsville usa in march 2004, after consultation with neil midgely who was fresh of his 5th acu funnybike title he felt a challenge to tune a top fuel bike, so the bike was acquired jan 2008 with chris as the rider and neil as crew cheif. running a one of a kind engine threw up many challenges as our engine is designed around that of a top fuel car at the bottom end and at the time we were having bearing issues, after a chat with 4 times top fuel champion andy carter who gave me some lucas product to try which worked great.

After further conversations andy introuduced me to les downey & tom bogner who were equally interested in our bikeand it’s unique conscept and let me have some of the new topfuelracing oil that tom has designed, this cured most of our engine oiling issues allowing us to concentrate on upgrades to the rest of the bike. at the end of 2012 season with the support of lucas we attended the manufactures cup race in valdosta a we had made a big leap in peformance and we did not want to wait till 2o13 to test again so we made the trip to race against the best in the world, unfortunatley on our 1st test pass we had a majour engine explosion due to a badley manufactured part which had the bike on fire @190 mph, luckly the bike and rider survived but the engine was lost, the spare engine was fitted but a lot of the ancilory parts were still hurt so our trip was over...

on retruning to the uk chris made the decision to manufacture his own engines and had 2 years away from the drag strip re-designing parts to move the bike forward, in this time the teamwhen off road racing and finished 2nd in the norc off road championship again using the lucas product in the car. due to big work loads the engine program was slow so the team sold the car and ordered a state of the art 196 ci injected nitro twin from hawaya racing in the usa with the plan to run both bikes in the team in the usa and europe.

the team ran both bikes side by side racing the injected bike whiledeveloping the supercharged bike through 2015 & 2016, towards the end of 2016 neil had decided he wanted to race again and wanted to test on the supercharged bike as he need to regain his top fuel licence, this was completed at santapod in oct 2016 clearing him to race in the 2017 season, at this time chris had made the decision to concentrate on work and getting the engines finished so took on the roll of team manager as the 2 nd bike had been sold to a rider in holland so we could foucus all our efforts on 1 bike with neil as the rider, things are all going to plan at present and we look forward to the coming season.


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