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Bubble-Gum - Bob Glassup





Bob Glassup


Bubblegum Ford Capri Nostalgia FC




- Engine
The engine is a TFX billet Hemi, which is 500ci and made for drag racing.
It has Dart Aluminum heads, specific for Nitro and puts out around 3,000bhp using a vintage sized 6-71 supercharger and single mag ignition.

- Transmission
This is 2 speed Lenco with crower 3 piece clutch set-up in a Trick Titanium bell housing.

- Suspension
Big bouncy tyres

- Brakes
The rear brakes are the biggest and come with the axle from Mark Williams in the USA, these are 4 pot calipers and bespoke discs. The front kit is again specific for funny car application and quite a modest set up. Most of the stopping power comes from the parachutes, which are Stroud twin chutes.

- Wheels & tyres
Weld lumistar Billet fronts and aluminium bead-lock 3 piece rears both wrapped in Hoosier tyres. I can get tyre sizes at some point if you would like. Front wheel sizes are 4.5 x 17s I think and the rear are 15 x 15.

- Interior
Chrome moly chassis built to SFI spec in the UK, variety of American Drag specific parts including Mark Williams Steering Box and butterfly wheel with airshift button for 2nd gear, Snyder shifter for forward and reverse selection, Andy Robinson TRS 5 point Harness and wrist restraints. Bob wears a multi layer Nomex suit, Defnder Neck Brace similar to Hans technology and a Simpson Nitro spec Bandit Helment complete with Fresh Air system and filtration for clutch dust and Nitro fumes. The bodyshell has been tinned out around the chassis for an enclosed cockpit with open side windows.

- Exterior
The exterior of our Nostalgia Nitro Funny car is truly one of a kind. The mk1 capri bodyshell graced the first ever british funny car to race here back in the 70s and 3 or 4 more were built shortly after but by the 80s were no longer in existence and bodyshells evolved and became more aero efficient and modern. This bodyshell was created from scratch over the last 4 years after sourcing a mk1 on it’s last legs and cutting it length ways, and width ways to form the basic shape that would fit our 125inch wheelbase and fit over those wide rear tyres. This steel shape was then used as a plug to create a mold. This mold then gave birth to 2 bodyshells, the second of which was slightly lighter and stronger and is the shell we configured around the chassis.

Unlike a lot of funny cars, it features some neat little genuine ford parts like the rear lights and side grills, while all the other key features such as the headlights, grill, bumpers and vinyl roof are airbrushed on. Windows are made from lexan and the body is supported by framework underneath to deal with the forces it will be subject to at over 230mph. The colour is Ford Candy Apple Red which is an original 70s colour found on the Shelby Mustangs of the era.






Team history & highlights

Driver: Bob Glassup

Drag racing since: 1980

Classes raced: Sportsman ET, Pro ET, Super Pro ET, NFAA, Nostalgia Nitro FC

Racing at the California Hot Rod Reunion in 2007 with his Topolino Altered

Racing at Hockenheim Nitro Olympix 2009 with his Topolino Altered

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