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Lucas Oil New Technical Partner for Hawk Racing


Anglesey, Wales (Janurary 25th, 2019) – 

Lucas oil is a new technical partner for the UK based Hawk Racing funny car team. The team will be campaigning Mark & Jackie Hawkins beautiful new Gladiator FC with experienced fuel pilot Jason Phelps at the controls in the 2019 European funny car series as well as appearing at a handful of motor racing shows around the country over the course of the year.
Gladiator will be running on Lucas 70wt Racing Oil, as well as using various other products from the extensive Lucas Oil engine and car care range. Products will include Assembly Lube, Brake Cleaner, high impact greases plus items such as Slick Mist polish.

“The highest compliment I can pay Lucas Oil and its 70wt racing oil is that can pour it into your £70,000 engine and not think about it again - knowing full well that it is more than capable of looking after all the moving parts whilst the motor is producing 10,000 plus bhp,” said Jason Phelps. “So many things that can go wrong with one of these cars that an oil you can trust is, quite frankly, priceless.”
Funny cars originated in the late 1960's in America. Detroit factories were looking to out-do each other on the drag strips. The original class was called Fuel Coupe or FC, as they tried to gain an edge over their competitors. Builders started to play with engine placement and wheel base for better weight distribution. This gave the early cars an odd or 'funny' look. Fans at tracks took the letters FC from the race numbers and started calling them 'Funny Cars'. The name stuck!

Since the early days, the cars have evolved into chrome molly tube chassis with carbon fibre bodies powered by 500ci billet aluminium racing engines. These burn nitromethane at a mind boggling 3.5 gallons a second! They are capable of reaching 300mph in around 4 seconds... 

'Funny' is one way to describe these monsters but they are so much more.